Card Design

Can I have multiple card designs?

Yes and at no additional cost. Customers typically have staff, visitors and contractor cards all with different designs and colours.

Can you print barcodes and QR codes on the cards?

We support all the major bar code types and the data is automatically encoded ensuring it is correct every time.

We also print QR codes which can also be linked to our MobiStaff system.

Do I need to email you staff photos?

No unlike other bureaus you can use the web site to upload the photos or take them with our mobile phone app. Either way there is a handy cropping tool to ensure you get the correct dimensions and quality ever time. It also means the photos are correctly matched to the staff member.

Not had to design a card before; can you help?

Absolutely that is what we are here for! There is no charge; just send a sketch of what you want together with any logos and we will put it together and email for your approval. Make as many changes as you want and when you approve we will send you a sample.

Do use preset designs?

Definitely not, we custom design the cards to match your exact requirements.  Our highly experienced designers though can make excellent suggestions if you require.

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