Why Asterox?

Same cost per card no matter what the batch size is. Other bureaus charge you much more for small orders. This produces large savings when the system is set up and you are only ordering cards in ones and twos.

We have the fastest turnaround in the business. Automated production means orders received before 3:30pm are normally shipped that day.

No set up fee. If you order 50 cards we will set up your account and produce your card layouts free of charge. If you want under 50 there is a starter pack, then the cards are the same low price. Also there is no extra charge for extra data fields.

Order the cards direct online or via the app which includes a handy cropping tool ensuring you get exactly the photo you want. There is no messing about attaching photos to emails with the obvious errors of data and photos being missed matched.

All batches are handled the same. Other bureaus will quickly process the first large batch but then put small less profitable batches to the back of the queue. Time and again clients swap to us because our automated system gives them the speed of processing they require for small number of cards.

Unique automated charging system means you can order and pay for as many cards as you want. Order your first large batch leaving some cards on your account, then as you produce replacement/new starter cards the balance is auto automatically adjusted.

We do not charge for packing, all you pay in addition to the cards cost is the postage stamp we put on. This is automatically calculated by the system to give you the lowest cost.

The web site not only allows you to order cards but also: shows when cards have been produced; order accessories, print reports, top up your account , print invoices. All without needing to phone ID Card Ltd.

Companies with multiple sites can have a single account. The log in tells the system where to send the cards but the account is charged centrally.

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