No in-house ID Printing Hassles

Contact us today and receive a free ID Card template designed just for you by our team of experts. 

Once you are happy, we will send you out a free sample.

No Hidden Fees, No Minimum Order Quantity, Easy Ordering, Same-Day Shipping 

We offer a wide range of card types to fit the needs of every business sector. Whether that be employee ID Cards, to access cards, we provide cards for a wide range of customers, from the smallest of companies requiring just one or two cards, to larger multi nationals requiring thousands of cards over hundreds of sites.


Our online ordering at Asterox is straight forward and easy to use, saving you time, and money. Card Printers are expensive to buy and maintain, and notourously unreliable, complex to operate and require extensive staff training. 


Cards on demand- when you need them. We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry, no matter how many cards you need, they are printed and shipped the same day.



Free Design

Our team of professional designers will create a free ID card template for you, or you can feel free to send us your own design. 

Simply send us your logo, pick your required fields and choose your card type.


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