No Printer

Card printers are expensive to buy and maintain, and are notoriously unreliable. They are complex to operate and require extensive staff training.



Free Design

Send a rough sketch of the layout of the card you require, with your logo and any other pictures as jpegs. We will put the layout together and when you are happy send you a free sample.



Easy Ordering

The online system is straight forward and easy to use. Enter data/photos direct via our web site or mobile phone app. No messing about producing emails and attaching photos with the usual errors of mismatching data and photos.


We provide the fastest turnaround in the industry. No matter how many cards you need they are printed and shipped the same day. Cards on demand- when you need them.


We provide cards for a wide range of customers ranging from the smallest companies requiring just one or two cards upto multinationals using tens of thousands of cards over hundreds of sites.


The types of card include: id cards, staff cards, photo cards, student cards, plastic cards, identity cards.




The identity cards are plastic and thermally printed to the same standard and size as credit cards. Unlike encapsulated cards they are tamper proof, long lasting and professional looking.


The plastic cards can be printed in full colour both sides or colour on the front and black and white on the back. Employee card designs can include logos, signature, photographs, a wide range of font types, graphics, shapes, lines barcodes, qrcodes etc.


About Us

Supplying identity cards and accessories whether that be ID Cards, ID badges, employee photo ID or staff cards has been our business for the last 12 years during which time we have been constantly striving to perfect the process. We are passionate about providing a fast, efficient low cost identity card printing service. We do not sell card printers or systems, so we will never try to sell you a printer system you do not need.


The App

Asterox Limited have produced the first mobile app for ID Card production. The App is available free for Android phones and pads. It allows you to produce staff cards directly from your mobile device.


The variable data is entered directly; the photo is taken with the camera on the mobile. Cropping to the required dimensions is done with the app.


The identity cards can be produced immediately or stored in the app for sending later. This is useful when you do not want to use your mobile data and want to send when you get back to Wifi or if there is no mobile phone signal.

The app was initially intended to be used away from your site but has proved so easy and convenient to use most people use it instead of the web site.


The app runs in conjunction with the Asterox Limited web site. All data and photos entered on the mobile that are sent for production are stored in your data on the site as if they were entered directly.

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