Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common Frequently Asked Questions from our clients.

Do I email you the employee photos?


Our online service eliminates email entirely, since this manual process is the source of most errors when dealing with an outside supplier. Our service allows you to just point to the photos for your ID Cards, then automatically embeds them onto your cards. Within your browser window, you will be able to easily adjust which part of the picture you want to show. There is no need to worry about pictures mismatched with employee names, poor pictures or improper sizing. You'll see a preview of the exact card that will be printed, so you can verify spelling and presentation before you decide to print.

I'm not very design-orientated. Can someone create a template for me?


Here at Asterox we have expert graphic specialists who would be more than happy to design a custom template for you, using your company logo, colour scheme, and any other design specifications that you may have. This is a free service. Also, if you decide at a later date to make changes to the design, we typically help you do that within a matter of minutes.


Alternatively, you can upload a sketch of your idea and our professional designers will help make it into something you'll be proud to wear.

Are the cards durable?


The cards are made from PVC plastic, which- as most people trying to destroy a credit card have noticed- they are very hard to damage. These cards are much less susceptible to tears or rips that are common occurances with laminated or standard paper ID Cards. They are entirely waterproof so there is no need to worry about rain or coffee damage.

Is there a minimum number of cards per batch to avoid exttra charges?


Absolutely not. Sometimes someone loses an ID card, or maybe there is just one single new employee. We designed our service to meet exactly that requirement. Our clients can print individual cards at the same cost as cards within large batches. There is no 'small batch fee'. We do everything we can to respect your budget.

Can you make custom lanyards with our company name and logo?


In addition to our standard lanyard offering, we can provide custom lanyards with logos, custom printing, and a wide range of colours. We are able to provide just about any kind of custom made lanyard that you could think of, with various clips, break-aways, and other options.

Do I have to use professinal design software?


You may use whatever software you are comfortable with. 

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