Why Asterox


Here at Asterox, we will take care of everything for you- from designing and printing your badge, to shipping it directly to you on the same day! Plus, we offer great quality priniting at an affordable price. 

There's a better way to get Employee Photo ID Cards in 2023


Asterox is a revolutionary system, that allows for single card orders, same-day shipping and easy transfer of staff information. 


Before Asterox, companies had two equally unattractive options when deciding on a work ID Badge program for their staff. Printing in-house? This requires additional overhead, dedicated staff and the frustsation of jammed printers. Devoting so much time and resources to a non-vital operation detracts from the successful running of your company. Or you choose to outsource your ID card production, having to meet batch size requirements and deal with the transfer of employee information. Small companies cannot commit to big batches and big companies with fast employee turnaround ran into issues when getting new hires their IDs right away. 


Here at Asterox, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of on-site ID Badge printing, or the struggle to meet batch sizes. Photo ID badges, made easy. 

Although we must be one of their smallest customers, we have been made to feel that our custom is valued. 

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Great products and customer service. Highly recommended.

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The cards themselves are very high quality, reasonably priced and arrive promptly when ordered.

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