We provide a full range of ID card accessories


We stock clear verticle and horizontal holders, clips and black lanyards, which means you can order in small quantities. All other items are supplied in one hundreds. 

 If you would like advice, or wish to discuss your requirments, please call and talk with us, with no obligation.

Personalised Lanyards

Create a cohesive look for your staff or visitors with these personalised lanyards. They're practical and professional-looking items that help your team look smart and stand out. 


These are available with a minimum order of 100 and can be custom printed with your logos and a wide range of colours.



Clips are availbale to order through our production portal. Our clips provide an easy and unobtrusive way to display an ID card for those who prefer not to wear it around their necks. 


Clips allow for easy attachment to pockets, belts and lapels without damaging the clothing.


Zip Reels


Zip reels have a retractable cord, making it easy to extend the card for swiping to enter a building, or for swiping in a time clock. Reels are available in black.


Zip reels can also personalised with your company logo upon request with a minimum order of 100.

Clear Verticle and Horizontal Holders



These reinforced badge holders are made of clear, hard plastic. They are available in a horizontal (landscape) or verticle (portrait) format. The ID card can easily be slid in and out of the holder.

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