Approve your free ID Badge Template


Our professional designers will create a free ID card template for you. (You may upload your own design). 


If you need more than one template- no problem! Our system supports unlimited templates. 

Create Cards Using your Template


Enter each employee's informations one-at-a-time or in bulk using a spreadsheet. The information is automatically entered into the template of your choice. 


Our Web-Based system was developd to make ID card creation as simple as possible for the user.


Simply choose your ID card template, enter employee information, and upload their ID Card photo. Our system automatically puts this information in the template, ensuring uniformity.




Order any amount of cards, and they are still the same low price. 

Details and photos are automatically sent to our production facility, printed and dispaced the same day.




The payment works in a similar way to 'Pay as you go' phones. As you order cards your balance is reduced. Simply top it up when it gets low.

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